The Pull-Up

Generally, the biggest goal individuals have in relation to performance is getting their first pull-up. A pull-up consists of hanging from a bar with your knuckles facing your body. Then, pulling the weight of your body off the floor to the point where your chin passes the height of the bar.

The pull-up is a tremendous test of relative strength–how strong are you in relation to your own bodyweight. Like any test of relative strength, there are two ways to get closer to your goal: get stronger or lose weight.

Below are the progressions we have used at RxFIT over the past six years. They work time and time again in helping our athletes get their first pull-up. These progressions are in order of development and should be practiced daily:

Now get to practice!



EMOM 14:00
Even Minutes: 6 Pull-Ups (at the hardest variation above)
Odd Minutes: 80 Single-Unders

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