Games Bound! Alexis Raptis

The members and coaches at RxFIT regularly accomplish their goals. But every now and again, someone accomplishes something AMAZING that I have to share.

In December of last year, Alexis informed us that she had made the decision to move Georgia and train full-time. It was sad to lose her as a friend and coach, but we understood her goal and extended our support.

Last year, after having her qualifying spot slip through her grasp in the last workout, Alexis was determined to leave no doubt. This past weekend at the Syndicate Crown Semi Final competition, Coach Alexis put her hard work on display by taking second place.

Since the top 5 females earn their spot at the CrossFit Games, she officially received her qualifying ticket.

She did it.

Hard work finds its way of eventually paying off. On behalf of everyone at RxFIT, we are proud of you, Alexis!

Stay tuned as she competes for the title Fittest on Earth from August 3 – August 7th in Madison, Wisconsin.


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