Choosing a Barbell: Additional Considerations

Yesterday I wrote about the different types of knurling a barbell may have. I also wrote about how much knurling should cover the barbell. If you missed it, you can read that here.

Those considerations are important when buying a barbell for your home gym. But you should also consider a few other specs when purchasing a barbell.

For example, do you want single or dual knurl markings? How much tensile strength should it have? And what does the Oxidation Rate have to do with a barbell?

I answer all of these questions and more in this video:



Power Meet Day!

Find a 1-rep Max of:
Back Squat
Bench Press

“Knurl markings” help you place your hands in the same place every time. Powerlifting marks are closer to the center while olympic lifting marks are closer to the sleeves.

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