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Metcon Mania 22.1: Shades

Welcome to Metcon Mania! Utah’s cardio- and calisthenics-only fitness competition. No barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells–just gymnastics and the machines, baby! For 2022’s Metcon Mania, workout #1 will be a SPRINT! Three movements; only erg work. How fast can you go? For Time:500-meter Ski500-meter Row500-meter Bike We anticipate athletes finishing somewhere around 6-8 minutes. It’s going […]

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Games Bound! Alexis Raptis

The members and coaches at RxFIT regularly accomplish their goals. But every now and again, someone accomplishes something AMAZING that I have to share. In December of last year, Alexis informed us that she had made the decision to move Georgia and train full-time. It was sad to lose her as a friend and coach, […]

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Happy SuperMeet Day

Hey Fam For those that are competing at the Utah Super Meet this morning, good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing you compete. Below is a short list of what’s to come in the RxFIT community, as well as a preview of the workouts next week as we head into the annual Murph Challenge! Enjoy […]

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Miranda’s Story: Best Hour of Your Day

Tomorrow we are hosting the Utah Super Meet–a lifting competition to find the strongest pound-for-pound lifter in Utah. Miranda, the manager at RxFIT-Springville and Head Forte Coach, has been preparing her athletes for months now for this event. In lieu of her preparation behind the scenes, I was thinking about her story this morning and […]

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Preventing Hand Tears: Pull Through Finger Pads

My friends, we have had too many hand tears this week. Hand tears are an injury. For many, it prevents you from doing the next gymnastic exercise in the workout. For a few of you, it keeps you out of the gym! Injuries prevent you from doing what you want to do. Therefore, preventing hand […]

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Exercise as a Supplement to a Healthy Lifestyle

“If you really think about it, you can be healthy without ‘exercising’. But you can’t be healthy without eating! Everyone has to eat!” This is what Tyre said to me on today’s episode of the RxFIT Radio podcast. I had never previously thought of nutrition this way. Coming from a sports background, I always default […]

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2022 Hyrox World Championships

5-years ago, Zach Jarvis entered the Provo RxFIT Gym with the goal of become a Spartan Racing Professional. Now, I have to admit, a lot of people walk through our gym doors with lofty goals… but there was something different about Zach. So while on the phone with him, I told him that I needed […]

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