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Kenzie Holden

Before joining rxfit I had no confidence in the gym setting. I had tried and failed so many times for generic gym passes, or at home workouts and I just couldn’t stick to anything. BUT THEN I FOUND RXFIT and it was legit life changing and I will never go back to a big name gym.

Rxfit has given me confidence in myself and in my abilities at the gym, friends, and structure and accountability that I’ve never had before. The trainers are AMAZING. Everyone here legit cares about you and knows each person by name. I finally feel like I fit in at the gym and I could seriously cry real tears of joy. Going to this gym will not disappoint.

Jeffrey Alldredge

I am not an athletic dude. I feel very self conscious in gym environments because I never had the best form. I decided to give this place a shot to see what I would think. I highly recommend it! The coaches who work with you make sure you are being pushed just enough instead of making it more than you can handle.

I actually started seeing results because they were working with me in a way my body could respond. All are welcome here. Whether you are very athletic or not, they give you the tools to help you get stronger in the way that your body specifically needs.

Alicia Stringham

If you are looking for a gym where everyone treats you like family and life long friends, you found it. When I first started at RxFIT, I was so nervous about it being a gym of huge bulky people who check themselves out in the mirror. I walked in the first day to find no mirrors and people who were just like me looking to be fit and improve quality of life.

The coaches know you by name and strive to not only give you exercises, but set personal goals for your overall health. You get cut and lose weight fast if you apply the coaches teachings. My experience: I became a better me. Through RxFIT, not only has my physical health improved, but my mental and social health has also improved immensely. My life has changed because of this gym and for that I will forever give 5 stars!!



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